How to avoid hairballs?

The hairballs are very uncomfortable for the animals and also for you. Some simple actions can reduce their frequency.

  • Reduce loss:

Clean and brush your kitten regularly. It will help to remove the dead skin and hair. .

Provide medicines or special foods if he needs s specific treatment. For these two points, follow carefully the recommendation and prescription of your veterinary.

  • Water:

Cats have a primal instinct. They don’t like to drink water and eat at the same time. It is a good idea to keep the water bowl away from the food. It will help its digestion.

  • Food:

Give him a cat food in the right quantities. Most of Cat food are elaborated to ensure a proper digestion.

  • Physical exercises:

Being active and healthy is not only good for blood circulation, heart, longevity or to prevent obesity. Doing regular exercises will be also good for its skin and coat.

  • Veterinary consultation:

Regular veterinary consultations (1 to 2 times a year minimum) are very important to prevent diseases caused by hairballs.

If you notice too quick hair loss, take him to your veterinary.

How to make your cat a family member?

For those who just adopt a kitten or if you already have a cat at home, here are some tips for you to become familiar with your new cat. These steps are great because they will help the cat and yourself to know better and to respect the space of each one.

The first tip is to get the cat to become familiar with your smell. At your cat sleeping place, let some of your old clothes Then, your cat will be gradually familiar with your smell.

If your cat is very shy or very suspicious, the first thing to do is to let it come to you at his
pace. For that, you must make yourself available to him. A great way to do that is sitting on the floor in a place where he likes to be. Read a book, lie down. Put some cat food chunks near to you. Let him comes to get the chunks, but only be near if him he allows. Patience is the key here. One way to speed up the process is using toys. Cats love to chase lasers, use this to your advantage!

Making your home a safe home for your cat

He needs all your love, respect and attention.

Like children, cats are curious, they like to explore, jump, bite and play, so it is very important to create a complete safe space.

The first step to protect your cat and your home is to put away the objects that break down easily. The vessel on the edge of the table, the crystal glasses in the corner shelf and the lamp on the headboard should be saved. Remember that cats can jump great heights and love to walk all over the house, so take into consideration everything that can be shot down and break this time.

The next step in making your home safer is to verify which plants do you have at home. Cats love to play with them and one of their favorite games is to eat them. Therefore its important that you take extra care with the plants you have. Here are some examples of little plants that can be harmful to your pet. Lilies, azalea, gardenia and narcissus.

Another important point to prevent injury to cats is to store cleaning products, insecticides, medicines and toiletries. Also keep small objects that they can swallow as coins, paper clips, rubber bands, plastic bags and batteries. In the kitchen do not leave cables pans out of the oven, be careful also with curtain wire and appliances, as your cat can curl them and even bring down these objects.

This is a small script for you to leave your home safer for your pet.